Moms TOP 10 (i)Phone Apps for Your Online Business or Blog On The GO!

As a busy maama’bear, wife, and (online) business owner on the run with my laptop I LOVE just working smart and not hard. So I will be the first to admit using today’s techy stuff has spoiled me ROTTEN and BAAD!


I recently started a series called: ‘Mompreneur Web Tools FAVORITES’ for 12 days which are the tools I use as leverage. Helps me with growing in the online space on many different levels.


This was inspired by LaShanda Henry of; Sista Sense during one of her weekly coaching calls.


Thought it was pretty darn neat to share my top fav web tools for online business building, marketing, and sales etc via blogging with everyone subscribed to my blog as well.


I show case all of my online tools and resources plus giving you a demo on how I use them for online business building. TONS are free and some of the 12 tools I paid for. Majority of them are free though.


See my web tools if you need help growing your website, blog, or social media presence. If it works for me, it will certainly work for you! I ONLY share what works. Let me know whatcha think!! Okay?




Here are my top 10 (just a few of) my favorite phone apps I use (for online business building & blogging) on the go!


1. Evernote – this one tool alone have saved me tons of time with work, personal life, and business partners.


photo credit: Evernote



2. Phonto – needing to create graphics photos, text logos, and just redesign something that you are currently working on but cannot get to your computer? So you can easily use this app with all its hot hot powerful functionalities and flexibilities. People are always wondering how I am able to add all these caption stuff to my photos so fast then post online. I use Phonto that’s why!! Remember, it doesn’t have to be perfect! But Phonto makes it perfect… and… beautiful 😉



photo credit: Phonto


3. Muzy – I enjoy Muzy. It’s a social site app (kind of like Instagram) but the difference with this one is that you can only post your photos using the “In box styles”. You can still follow people and build a following etc. But only post photos in boxes. There are tons more features this app have as well. MAJOR AWESOME! I honestly only use this app just for the photo boxes though heheh.. but definitely check this out and see how you can also use if from your computer as well create mini blogs. You can see mine on Muzy @IAmLadyJays. Follow me there!!



photo credit: Muzy


4. Aviary – Oohh this is soo sweet!! It allows me to do so much! For example; if I am posting a photo it allows me to blur out stuff for privacy etc. Like when I am posting photos of my kids and there are other kids in the background or next to my kids. I ALWAYS blur out the other kids faces and other adults faces. Because I DO NOT have their permission to be posting “their” faces online. This also lets you whiten out teeth hahah.. Plus you can do so much more with Aviary.



photo credit: Aviary


5. WordPress – I can literally blog right from my phone. For all 3 of my business. Fashion line, My private members area for women in business, and my mentoring group. Although I can do it I don’t blog from my phone though. Tried that one day and will never attempt to do it again. Real talk! I do however, respond to comments easily. Also, I can ffollow other blogs, read my favorite blog, check for updates, and I can make any quick changes or fix misspelled words on my blog post using this WordPress app.



photo credit:


6. Bitly – to shorten any long URL links. Instead of logging into the computer just to shorten URL’s, I use this app so easily to shorten any long ass ugly links. Hey, you know me right? LOVE to keep it short… simple… and straight to the point! LOL.



photo credit: Bitly


7. Taxbot – allows me to add all of my business expenses. It does all the calculations for me in total deductions. So when tax time comes ALL I have to do is forward the itemized break down straight to my account’s business email address. He is always blown away and wonders how on earth I do this so neatly. Because it breaks it down in categories, cost, and any form of expenses I add into the app.. DOPE! MUST check it out


photo credit: Taxbot


8. Basecamp – this is great if you use a VA (virtual assistant)? Or of course any type of team you may have. Keep in touch with all projects using Basecamp.



photo credit: Basecamp



9. Videshop – OMG I was introduced to this app about one year ago by my (former) mentor Natalie. Credit videos, design, and edit. Straight from your mobile. MAJOR awesome. I LOVE using this videoshop app for video editing. You can cut clips add photos to your videos etc. You can even add your title to the video too… Like WHOA! So much fun 😉 …and STRAIGHT FROM THE PHONE!!!!



photo credit: Videoshop


10. Genius Scan PDF – this too as introduced to me earlier this year by my same (former) mentor. IF you ever need to send something to some using PDF style. All you have to do is snap a pic of the document, save it, then BAAM! Send that bad boii over via email and the recipient(s) will receive your email document attached via PDF OMG! How cool is this? Try this. Test it out and see how FLY it works from your phone.



photo credit: Genius Scan PDF



What are some of your favorite iPhone, smart phone, android apps you use (for blogging / business building) on the go? Well are you using any of these top 10 mobile apps? Share with me!! Just please comment below. Totally would LOVE to know!



To your online success,

janelle do what i love what i do



P.S. I was NOT compensated for sharing this. I often get asked all the time about my best tools and resources I use as leverage. So I am always happy and ready to share! Fashion is my passion but sharing is caring.


P.P.S did you enjoy these resources? It would really mean a lot to me if you can share this! Click here and Tweet this.


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