3 Must Have Pages On Your Online Boutique Store Website (Help You Gain MORE Customers Sales Conversion)


Today I wanted to talk about a few important things when it comes to getting more customers to convert (into sales) from your boutique store website.


For starters, as I mentioned that starting your own online boutique store is extremely fun. Can be confusing and a bit overwhelming too. If not done correctly and/or if you’re doing all these things alone.


So I am here to help you not to over complicate things. Now that we are in the quarter four of the year people are now getting ready to shop online for the holidays.


…and today we’re going to go over the 3 Must Have Pages On Your Online Boutique Store Website (Help You Gain MORE Customers Sales Conversion)


Let’s get down to it!

Page-1: BLOG Now this page is a MAJOR factor to have. It really baffles me on how many online boutique stores I come across see that there is no blog tab/page.

Often times people think it’s hard to start a blog, but I’m here to say “NO!” it’s really not that hard like we may think it is. I swear by blogging you have no idea.


Blogging has helped me gain soooo much traffic back to my boutique stores as well as convert into new customers and making more sales. Especially when I was heavily involved into MLM (Multi-Level Marketing)/Network Marketing industry back in 2010.


Blogging has made me position my network marketing business for major online profits. Meaning I was able to be seen on the 3 major search engines website, such as Yahoo, Google, and Bing page-1, gain overwhelming amounts of leads daily, and built my team/personal downline by simply blogging, first! Since then, I blog on all 3 of my online boutique stores. I refuse to operate an online business without a blog. Why? Well for 1) I get seen as the expert on a topic (for example, if someone is Googling a particular topic related to my products then my site will pop-up). You know, the authority figure in a particular field. 2) I get a ton of sales all by simply blogging. 3) Ton of traffic, shares, repost, social buzz plus much much more. I can go on-and-on for days, on this topic. But I’ll stop right here LOL.


But seriously, hear me out… blogging is all about providing massive value. Sharing tips, how-to’s, and so forth. Your blog is an asset to your online business and this alone can change your brand significantly. You can start your how-to’s tips with your products and inventory and it doesn’t even have to be some long drown out post neither. To help make this a smooth and painless process for you, you can actually turn this feature on with Shopify. All of this is already built in for you. Just turn on this feature and you can blog. Talk about plug-in-played at it’s finest. No need to figure out how to set-up-a-blog. Who got time for that?! As a matter of fact, I even created a quick video to show you H.O.W (Her Online World)… you’re welcome, I LOVE U!

You can make it as little as 300 words, hell just 200 words tops at least. There are no rules to blogging. Make it fun! But if you want to get more traffic back to your site? More leads? More sales? I say get to blogging! Once you keep blogging (I mean by getting used to the blogging idea), ideas will come up so fast that you will never run out of topics to blog about. But just remember this, please follow the 80%/20% rule with your blog. 80% of your content is to provide massive value then the other 20% it’s ok to use it to sell stuff =)


So stop thinking you do not have time to blog and go ahead and let your visitors shop with your competitors instead. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!


Page-2: SHIPPING/RETURN this page is major. When customers or site visitors come to your online boutique store, this page needs to be there. People want to read more information about you, which will give them a sense of security, before they make a purchase.


I am sure you feel this way too right? You wouldn’t want to shop at an online store and not feel confident on placing your order if you do not see some kind of shipping and return page/policy in place… Let’s be honest!


Customers want to find out how much shipping cost, what shipping carrier your online boutique store use, do you have multiple shipping prices in various countries, and how long it will take your store to ship their items. You will want to be upfront as much as possible regarding your shipping policy (on your shipping/return’s page).


Page-3: HELP & FAQ customers will need to have a way to contact you. They will have a ton of questions, and this is where they will go. It’s totally no brainer and I am sure you know this, but again, super shocked when I visit a lot of online boutique stores to discover there is no form of FAQ/HELP page-section setup. Customers will need a way to possibly even ask questions or need advice on how to order (your) products.


Customers need to feel confident to purchase items from your online shop. If you’re into handmade items, you can provide as much information as possible here for them as well. Give as much info as possible to your online visitors because this will reduce a ton of emails you (may) get.


Not sure how to do any of the above? Or what words to same with these pages? Well the good news is, inside of Shopify all you can do is hit the switch and all of these details are pre-populated for you. You will simply go inside and make the necessary changes and edits accordingly.


In conclusion: as a busy online business owner, you will want to have as much automation as possible. After all, what’s the the point of starting an online business if you do not have the right resources in place for your customers right? You want to be hands free so you can continue doing the things you love. You want to have a hub space in place in order to point your customers in the right direction instead of spending a ton of time answering questions where they can simply find the answers themselves on your site. Just your way of working a bit smarter and not harder.


Do these things or make sure you at least have your 3 Must Have Pages On Your Online Boutique Store Website (Help You Gain MORE Customers Sales Conversion) updated on your site. Remember, we’re officially in Q4 and things are about to get really busy! DO NOT let visitors come and go by not buy. Have these pages in place so site viewers come “buy”, stay, and shop =)


Seriously, doesn’t this makes sense to have? But put yourself in our (potential) customers shoes… Would you like to see these types of information on your site too?


If you’ve enjoyed this information I shared and you are serious about building a solid online boutique (fashion) store, the right way, check out The Online Boutique School. It’s my proven step-by-step system where I show you how to start, launch & grow your own store, drive traffic, and make sales all online. Plus you get live weekly group Q&A coaching calls, with me!


I limited access inside The Online Boutique School to just 200 lovely boutique store lucky mama’s.


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To your massive online success!




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