5 Reasons Why Your Instagram Profile SUCKS!

Are you profiting or growing with your Instagram profile?


Reason I asked because lately I have gotten a few questions from my online community asking me how they can increase their following using Instagram.


your instagram profile

First let me say, I am NO IG expert by far, however I am like a social media junkie LOL. I have used Social Media since 2010 and made a KILLIN’ off of the various platforms. So have my students too. I only teach what works!!


Especially when I was heavily involved with MLM / Direct Sales Network Marketing Industry slaving away for pennies I was able to grow my personal team/downline of over 300+ people ALL ONLINE using my blog and social media.


Then I became a full time social media manager with over 14 clients under my belt. These clients were from all over the world. I’m talking places like: Australia, Kenya, UK, and USA. Again, this was all from social media.


But what I can say is social media is all about being social. This is not some sales pitch avenue. So if you’re using social media to spam folks and no it doesn’t matter what platform you’re on…. STOP spamming!!


I don’t share this to brag.. I say this to encourage you to start engaging instead.


Back to Instagram…. This social platform is becoming one of the HOTTEST places to be. If you’re in business and using the platform to grow, then this is definitely the right one for you.


In my honest opinion the TOP 4 social platforms which we should be rockin’-n- Rollin’ with are…

  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • YouTube


I personally use all of these platforms and gain TONS of traffic back to my site/blog including my email list.


But lots of us are now taking over on Instagram. The reason I say I am no IG expert, that’s because to me, IG is more of a fun lifestyle social space.


…that’s what Instagram means to me. Like we can post photos of our lifestyle having fun with friends and family, and sharing our intimate moments traveling the world.


However, to use the platform for your business? Now that’s a whole different ball game in itself on how to leverage it. Before we can talk about what you’re not gaining much following, let’s talk about how you can get yourself right on that social space first!


Here are 5 Reasons Your Instagram Profile Really SUCKS!


1 – You are in business and you have your profile private: Umm…. Ryour instagram profile privacy offEALLY?! For starters, there is no way you can call yourself a professional but you’re hiding. I never understood this. Nor have I seen any succesful, wealth, professional person in business hide neither.


If you want to keep your profile private, totally understand however, if you’re using that same profile to promote yourself or your business/products and services then it’s best to either 1) set it to public or 2) create a separate account for your professional side which will be public as well.


I have followed many profiles which were set to private to only discovered (once they started posting their photos) that I am NOT into what they’re doing. Now, unless… It’s a close family friend or a special loved one. That’s different. Just for business building and growth purposes only!


your instagram profile2 – Your bio is not clear: I see profiles with bios that make no sense. Then I see profiles with NO bios at all. OK, so if you’re in business, trying to promote, your bio should be super clear.


Your Instagram profile lets people know what you’re all about and they will decide if they should follow you or not. But if your bio is not clear with nothing on it and people start following you then you’re posting photos that piss them off, they will unfollow you. They will feel like they were misled.


To avoid this, be clear with your bio and furthermore, do not leave your bio blank. There is only so much characters you’re allowed to share, so get to the point with what you do and include your website. This totally helps everyone get to know you, like you, trust you, and FOLLOW YOU.


3 – Using or not using hashtags: Now if your Instagram profile account is private, did you know that using your hashtags means nothing? YES! It is all pointless.


The point of using Instagram to promote your brand is to get people to what…….? Follow you and converting into sales of course. Well using hashtags effectiely will help you gain even more followers etc.


I have gained sooo much clients all because of using the right hashtags. And I am not talking about ridiculious hashtags that people just come up with “just because”. Something like this #DontBotherMeTodayBecauseIAmSick




That is spam that’s what it is!


If you’re into beauty then use hashtags that are trending. For example: #beauty #girl #makeup and so forth.


You’re into fashion or jewelry? Use something like: #fashionstyle #fashion #fashionicon #jewels #jewelry #fashionjewelry and NOT #ILoveMyJewelryItsTheBest or #JewelrySaleTodayComeAndGetIt




#ThatIsSpam and NO one is searching for such ridiculous hashtags LOL.


Make sense?


4 – Not taking the time out to engage with others: You should spend at least 30 minutes a day or even about one hour or so and engage with others. Do you know by liking other peoples photos helps your following increase big time? YES!


Like those that are related to your industry. If you’re a mommy blogger? Then use the search feature under hashtag and search for other mommy bloggers and start liking their photos.


If your industry is photography or lifestyle do the same thing. Search others and follow. Also, leave a nice comment, something that is heartfelt on their photos. Believe me, I do this daily and I get followers all the time because of it =)


5 – It’s rude when someone follows but you’re not following back: I mean, if you’re some big celebrity then I get it!! However if you’re a BOSSpreneur then it’s only courtesy to follow your following back. However, keep in mind we cannot just follow every single person. Follow those that are related to your industry/filed or niche.


Like I have over 3200+ following me on IG however, I am only following back just about 1100+ or so. That’s because some folks are not aligned with what I do.


….and the worst thing I can ever do is follow someone that I have no interest in what they’re doing. It’s just wrong on all levels. Same goes for me too! I don’t expect those to follow me if there is no interest or relations (to what I do as well).


Keep in mind, your numbers in following will drop and increase. That’s ok! It’s part of it. You gain some…. then you will lose some. I use this app on my iPhone called Followers+ and it has some of the most AMAZING features. It lets me see who is new to following me and who unfollowed me. Etc.




It’s NOT an affiliate tool or anything, it’s totally FREE! It also have features you can pay for. Like I have paid for full version. ALL the features included. Since I’m on the paid version of the app, it shows me who unliked my Facebook page and who unfollowed me on Twitter. I was shocked at the Facebook page though.


Good stuff!


People I thought I was cool with unfollowed me and I was hurt! haha.. I mean, I am only “human” so yes, I was hurt LOL! Thought we was here to support each other? Welp, you can simply unfollow and unlike them back in return. No sweat! Keep it moving…


Fair is fair… Right? LOL!


These are just my basic ways on how you can get positioned the right way online first.


Now to really step it up a notch, I would encourage you to take an Instagram course which will really help you prosper even further with your overall Instagram goals.


So how is it personally going for you using Instagram? Are you a professional in business but you decide to keep your profile private? Or what do you do to personally help you grow your IG following? Just please comment below, I would love to know.


To your online success,



P.S. Are you on Instagram? Post below and let me follow you!! Remember, NO private accounts… Okay?


P.P.S Join me on Instagram too! Follow me here: www.Instagram.com/janellemcleod

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