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I’m Janelle McLeod, you’re Online Success {Business} Strategist. I’ve been working online making money (full time, part time, and anytime I want) using my Laptop, Starbucks Wi-Fi, iPhone, social media, and my blog since 2010. Even when I held down a 9-5.


I’m a wife, mother of 2 little ladies, Online Serial Entrepreneur, and an Online Business Owner– Founder & Creative Director at: World of Little Fashion, Creator of; Online Success Marketing Lab, The Online Boutique School, I recently launched She Crate the world’s FIRST and ONLY ‘Mommy & Mini-me Monthly Play date Box for mothers and their daughters ages 5-12, and this is my hobby creative space you are on.. It’s called: Her Online World and Huffington Post blogger. I show moms how to start and grow successful online businesses and generate passive income streams (all online around their main business even if moms are working a day job too); by leveraging the power of the internet using today’s techy stuff.


People are always looking for legitimate ways to generate some types of additional income streams but struggle with the lack of knowledge like the how to’s or the where to’s etc. all by learning the proper ways to market (especially using social media) and growing on online presence. Some-times we just need help! Help from someone who can guide us to achieve success in the online space. So for me, this all started after giving birth to my first daughter in 2007 and I started online shortly after that in 2010 thru today!!!


Meet the McLeod’s



Long Story Short:
I was once heavily involved with MLM and Direct Sales Network Marketing Industry. Grew up each company ranks and titles, grew huge teams and dowlines of over 300+ people in my personal organization, and won wonderful trips (won my first time trip was to Vegas in 2008 for being the top 10 recruiter/producers in the company. I didn’t use the internet to gain this success yet). This was all back in the days with home phone land-lines using it to call leads and recruit.


I hit every single leaderboard within the industry your next rising star in the making. I attended events, shake folk’s hands, spoke on stage, and smiled through it all…




Through all of this hype, growth, and momentum, I WAS FLAT BROKE! We struggled to make ends meet, and we wore homeless living with in-laws and between homes.


YES you read correctly.


The products within the MLM Network Marketing industry are absolutely great however the industry is a totally nightmare always preaching the “freedom dreams” while slaving away with blood, sweat, and tears just to make the “big bucks” which were never ever promised. It was always pennies with a title. INSANE!! My personally experience, don’t kill me!


How I moved on + Timeline:
Well that’s a topic to discuss! But that would have to be in a book one day, literally…. I would have you here reading for hours LOL. So let me just break down a time-line instead.

• 2005-2009: Started in MLM, Direct Sales, network marketing, and was building a fashion line (but not “online” yet).
• 2010: GOT ONLINE! Then sold jewelry (on the internet using my Facebook business/fanpage) and had a blast!!! Which lead me to open a store.
• 2011: Dropped all that hype stuff (with MLM/Direct Sales) and started my own boutique store with NO MONEY or INVENTORY on hand for startup (which grew so big in a matter of weeks!!!) because I sold jewelry first. Made so much money with NO BIG ASS TITLE! Pay attention!
• 2011: While growing a boutique fashion store I also started a fashion line (on the side during early 2008-2009. I just always had something going on the side no matter what I was doing primarily or doing full time. Kept side businesses / projects in my pipeline) for little people and all monies generated from the boutique went back to reinvestment towards the little people clothing wear.
• 2012: Closed to doors to the store (but still had my fashion for little people on the back burner too) and became a full time social media manager with over 14 clients under my belt from all across the world. I’m talking like Australia, Kenya, Maryland, California, Maryland, Georgia, Florida, and New York.
• 2012: Took blogging serious and KILLED that ‘shiny object syndrome’ I was suffering from. We went broke, struggle, homeless living with in-laws and my brother in-law gave me a gas station application.
• 2013-After all the SMM contracts ended I decided not to renew with my clients and referred them all over to another Social Media Marketing Manager instead
• 2013: Then I picked up a full time job (shit got rough and brutal by this time at home) it was well needed because my husband lost his I.T. positions with various companies (so I rather get a job to replace his paycheck. I didn’t want to use internet earnings to live off of. Then I’d just be a broke entrepreneur. NOPE! I had a strategy in place =)
• 2014: Worked on my day job for 18 months and while building a fashion line on the side (at nights) and began looking into making money through the day job, fashion line on the side for little people, and became an expert in affiliate income. BOII this was the BEST THING ever discovered!!
• Currently: Now I sit here as you read this making money all online and through various affiliate network and brands with my blog and social media all while I can now refocus back on the fashion wear for little people. BAAM! Hit 4 then 5 figures and quit full time job. (results are not typical. See my disclaimer here).


I have made lots of mistakes along the way as well as gained overwhelming success too. I LOVE to give back in anyway(s) that I possibly can. So I vowed to give back to you! My tips, tricks, and tactics that has helped me on my making money journey rocking the internet using my blog and social media while holding down a full-time job (which I no longer have a JOB!) and building a business on the side.


You see, if feels so darn good to see automated income rolling in direct deposit straight inside my bank account weekly and monthly. It all starts with first having a blog. Because even Martha Stewart have a blog (for business &/or personal) AND SHE BLOGS DAILY! So why don’t you?


My blog allows me the opportunities of a life time! I get paid from various brands as an affiliate (by having a blog) through links and offers such as;
o Google,
o YouTube
o Affiliates
o eBooks
o Member’s area
o Get paid to Tweet
o Drop shipping
o eBay and Amazon earnings
o Monetizing my blogs and websites
o And get FREE products delivered straight to my house front door steps


…and this is just to name a few.


I did (and do) all of this by positioning for profits online the right way when I had a full time job and while building my fashion line for little people with dwarfism (on the side–at nights). There were days when business is slow and struggle just to make a dollar. Then working at the job no PTO for sick days or vacation pay. Through all of that, my blog has been nothing but a huge blessing for our lives and bank account.

Work from Home

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Gained back control of our lives and our bank account: I “cracked the code” and discovered how I can actually make money on the internet without changing anything that I am currently doing (which was the job and business building). Started making 4 figures all online while sitting at a full time job then hit 5 figures and resigned immediately.



I DID NOT have to chase and beg my friends and family members to see some “deal”, no cold calling, no home parties, no hotel meetings watching the same marketing charts on screen, and best NEVER spammed / pitched someone’s inbox or email with some marketing vomit which is the WRONG WAY to market online and gain attractions in any business or product. Does Oprah goes around pitching inboxes? Then why should you handle business this way too?


This then lead me to being featured in various media outlets. Both online and offline. I’ve been featured on TV, magazines, tons of interviews, and named on the list of your HOTTEST Women In Business– Creative Entrepreneur. I was even offered to do a reality show (which I did decline to do the show).


Here’s the deal: now, this is not some get rich quick scheme I cracked so let me be clear. I worked my ass off night after night. Nothing in life comes easy!! Also, I am not always about “business” neither! I LOVE to have fun at times too. I enjoy reading blogs, reading books, learning from others, and following my mentors. I love to talk about, learn, and gain inspiration with: fashion, shopping, traveling, food –eating healthy stuff! and living life with no limits.


So if you’re like me, then I am grateful to connect with you here and it’s always just a pleasure to connect with like-minded peeps entirely.


So welcome to: Her Online World taking you behind the scenes of what it takes to really make money rocking the web and shining online as a true rising rock star without all of the hype. And what you get here is just pure hope!


Now this is what I call “how to be a rock star blogger”. Fashion is my Passion but Sharing is Caring.





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