[VIDEO] How I Get Real Instagram Followers FAST, QUICK, & EASY Do This And You Can Too

Today’s video I want to share this really super cool tool I personally use in order to gain real Instagram followers.


I use this tool as LEVERAGE! Yup… That is my FAVORITE 8 letter word.


It’s called Instagress. (not an affiliate link or tool). See my disclaimer.


I’m not that type of person who bury’s my head inside my cellphone all day long.


I’m a busy mom, business owner, and I work. I can honestly say I don’t necessarily have time to pop open my iPhone and engage + network with others on IG, all the time.


I let the tool do the work for me instead of me working for it.


You can use this tool in order to boost your Instagram profile account have everything setup inside the system..


In this video, quick brief overview on How I Personally Get Real Instagram Followers FAST, QUICK, & EASY… Do This And You Can Too.



When I first got started I did the 3 day trial to see how effective this would be. Maann, I was super blown away on how authentic it behaved for me, on my behalf while I work.


These are real people with real results *wink,wink*


No, seriously… Very organic traffic. Yes, some times you will get spammed or solicited. But don’t this always happen no matter what you do? Or where you go?


You can take advantage of Instagress free 3 day trial right now and test it out. BE VERY CAREFUL (as I mentioned in the video) about commenting the same time the tool is working for you.



DO NOT pick up your phone…



Be sure to read as much as possible about Instagress when using this tool as well, so you can fully understand how this works, get all the added benefits from out of it, and scale your business/following.


Do your homework and just do your own due diligence.


Keeping this 100% real with you, using this tool has helped me grow significantly in followers, traffic to my site, and making money online.


how I use instagress to get instagram followers

photo credit: Janelle McLeod

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Not to mention, this is extremely affordable to invest in as well. I use it for my personal Instagram profile and for my IG business account.


I forgot to mention in this video, this will not work if your profile is set to “private”.

Before you decide if this is some thing that is not for you, I encourage you to check it out for yourself, first.


The traffic is very much organic and this tool will be targeting keywords and hashtags based on what you add to the system. So if you niche/market is “cooking”, “fashion”, “OOTD”, “photography”, “Real Estate”, or whatever and so forth, those are the things you will be going after. But using the tool to target them all for you.


It is no different than going to your Instagram profile from your phone just to search specific hashtags and keywords and engaging with individuals that way. Then you would start doing your own liking, commenting, and just engaging as well, Right? It’s the same thing. The only difference here is that this system would be doing this type work for you.


My way of saying you will be working smarter and not harder. All by simply leveraging the power of the internet using today’s techy stuff. So you can crush it!


It’s not here to change anything that you’re currently doing. It’s just here to help scale you up a little big, get your boost going, and gaining more followers in the end which = MORE TRAFFIC + sales back to your site or platform.


Soooo many people over on my IG accounts thank me all the time for doing what I do, or for sharing what I share, and sometimes thanking me for just bringing awareness to the community (with my primary business account/products).


Some even go as far as asking me if I am interested in becoming a paid sponsor for this websites.




Works like a CHARM for me all the time. How can I not share this easy to use tool with you too?!


But in other words, this is highly effective for busy/working moms (who work by day and just simply trying to grow and build their businesses online at nights or on the side). But you don’t have time to even grow your social media profiles as well.


If you already have a highly engaged Instagram profile up in the 10k in followers, then you do not need to bother with this. You’re doing just fine.


Don’t forget, this will not work if your account is set to “private”.


…give this a shot. It will help. You’ll thank me later =)


Leave me a comment and let me know what do you think? Are you going to go ahead and give the free 3 day trial a shot? Don’t be shy. I would LOVE to know!

note: I was NOT compensated for writing this post. These views are from my very own opinion based on my overall experience using Instagress.com


To your online success,


P.S. What’s your IG profile? Leave it for me below so I can make sure I am following you =)

P.S. If you like what you just discovered then please share this resource using the social sharing icons below. It would really mean a lot to me if you do!


Don’t forget to read: ‘5 Reasons Why Your Instagram Profile Really Sucks!’

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  • I might have to check this out, I have a good following and I get new followers daily but still. I always worry about third party apps and Instagram because they are strict.

    • POW Mimi, you nailed it. Instagram is super strict. This would be good just for a little boost. That’s why I can’t stress enough how we should be careful when using this.. It definitely helps for the group of ladies working their day jobs and need help with Instagram growth + engagement on the platform. Let the tool do the work while they work their business and their jobs. Totally let me know what you think once you give it a shot!

  • I found out about this tool about a year ago and tested it out for about a month or so. I got a good amount of followers/engagement, but maybe I didn’t have the right tags. At times it would leave comments on photos that I personally, would never have commented on had I done it myself. But I agree that it is a great tool especially when you’re trying to build your followers. I just hit 7K so definitely working on getting to the 10K mark. I’m all for tools that make our lives as mompreneurs easier.

    • BINGO Chrstine!! That is primarily the goal.. Yes, and when the tool comments on photos we would never comment on I cringe my teeth LOL.. We would have to go back and clean up sometimes. But this too has really improved I can honestly say it has definitely improved and they’re so much more we can do with it.

  • Awesome tutorial and tips, thanks for sharing! I had heard about Instagress in Bloggers Like Me, and was definitely intrigued. I like the aspect of it working for you to get real IG followers, but I also like engaging and commenting on IG on my own, so I’m not quite sure if this is for me, since you said you have to be careful about commenting and things on your own if you’re using the tool. I may have to try out the 3 day trial one day and see.

    • Hi Kasi. You’re super welcome 🙂 Watch the video quickly and it will show you how you can make your own genuine and authentic comments.

  • Wow! Lady J. This is very informative. I’m going to check this out. Thank you so much.

  • Good advises and tool. But I know other – zen-promo (com?) – that helps in finding real followers fast. Do you know something about that?

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