[VIDEO] How I Personally Get Most of My Online Traffic REVEALED

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In today’s conversation I talk about how I get more of my online traffic to my website (businesses).


The secret feature I use inside of a particular platform which get’s my businesses, products, and brand in front of my ideal customers who wants, needs, and looking for what I have to offer.


Watch this video and learn how I get most of my more online traffic to my website, products, or services. Please be sure to comment below.


how to make extra money online


Organic traffic is great.. YES! Totally nothing wrong with that. The problem with organic traffic is that it just really takes to damn long. Doing the “free” organic stuff makes one feel like they are slaving hours on their business online. But I don’t know about you for me personally, I don’t have time for that crap!


My Number – 1 Resource & Feature I Use That Gives Me The Most Traffic to My Site….


I use precise interest feature inside of Facebook which allows me to niche it really down to my specific target audience and that’s who and how I market to. This is how you position your business online and shine!


You must do this correctly or you will be wasting time, energy, and dollars. This feature is soooo AMAZING and it lets you even go after your competitors fans too. To be seen…. SWEET!

Online advertising written in search bar


This is why it was so imperative for me to position for profits online the right way because I am in love with the word “leverage” Yup! My favorite 8 letter word.


I want to target my ideal customer avatar and this feature lets me do just that.


I do not want to spend 99.9% of my time spamming… pitching… and just posting to online ghosts. The Facebook ad budget can be as low as $5 bucks a day! That’s just $20.00 weekly.


I challenge you from this day on out to make the investment for you, your business, and bank account. Learn how to use precise interest feature inside of Facebook. Start investing and running a few Facebook ads which will totally help you be seen in front of many.


….after all, what’s your goal in the online space? Is it to make more money? Build your list?


Making an investment is very crucial to our success in whatever it is you’re trying to accomplish. Investing in materials such as: books, mentors, coach, savings accounts, ads for business, and mindset training… The list goes on.


janelle mcleod processing ordersOften times I network from various communities and the number 1 problem I see most, is that people are blogging or running their businesses online but are seeing little to no traffic.


They often complain about “How do I get better engagement?” Or “I’m blogging and not making any money.” etc.. etc.. The complaints goes on.


Same people are also attempting to dip into affiliate marketing arena with placing ads, links, and offers on their sites but again see no results. This is a major time wasting issue and the reason being… NO MARKETING! Meaning they’re not investing in online ads.


It’s your time to shine online and finally experience freedom.. flexibility… and fulfillment. Work smarter and not harder. I challenge you!!


“The best project you’ll ever work on is you!” CLICK HERE and TWEET that!


Are you slaving for hours on your business doing free orgaic stuff to make {more} money online (but it’s just taking you to damn long to see your ROI)? Love to hear your thoughts! Please comment below.




P.S. Learn how you can position for profits online the right way and generate passive income streams all around your main business (even if you are working a day job) by leveraging the power of the internet using today’s techy stuff. Click here to learn how!

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