[VIDEO] How To Start A T-Shirt Business Online With NO MONEY, Inventory, Equipment, or Machinery

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Today’s Q&A brought to us by Lesa.


Lesa sells T-Shirts and ready to bring her shirts within the online space.


Now, she is in fact selling shirts “offline”, physically. But need some tips, help, and advice on how to sell shirts at this point on the internet.

start a t-shirt business online with no money


Before I go on to explaining this, I created a video for those who are interested and want learn more about How To Start A T-Shirt Business Online With NO MONEY, Inventory, Equipment, or Machinery


…all you need is your computer =)


press play

how to start a tshirt business online

So as you can see as I have demonstrated in this video how you can actually get shirts going right now and social share.


…you don’t need NO heavy demanding tools in order to move forward.


What I most love about platforms like this is that these companies take care of all the printing, shipping (to your customers), and issuing you payments on sales you made at 50%.


In order to crush it and really profit, your next step here would be to then run some Facebook ads. Use the feature inside your ads manager called “interest”. DO NOT use that “Boost”. Boost does nothing for you.


Leveraging the power of the internet will take you a very long way. NO MONEY, Inventory, Equipment, or Machinery to get started right now, with selling shirts.


Definitely a great way to start generating additional profits on the side while you work your main business (or even while working your 9-5).


Now that kids are totally back in school, this is a GOOD and PROFITABLE strategy moms/ladies to start implementing right now to you can make extra money (on the side) for Christmas.


You do know Christmas is like right around the corner, right??


You don’t need to purchase anything!!! You just need your computer in order to get started.


READ: 7 Things I Did How I Started My Online Boutique (Fashion) Store With NO MONEY.


There will be another part of this process where I will share with Lesa how she can put her physical shirts on her own website space using a Shopify store.

Now Let’s Recap…


Step-1: Have your logo designed using Fiverr.com. The most I’ve personally paid on Fiverr.com for my logo shirt design is no more than $25 bucks. Cost should run you anywhere between $15.00 – $25.00 bucks but honestly, the on going rate for this is $25 bucks. There are plenty of professionals who specialize in exactly what you need, from Fiverr.com.


Step-2: Take your designed logo and upload it to your Teespring account. Or you can use the text feature. Fancy designs are not necessarily needed. It’s about your “message” on the shirt. Remember that!


Step-3: Marketing & Promote. Run Facebook ads. Use the feature inside the ads manager called “interest”. DO NOT use “Boost”. Boost does nothing for you! (make sure you have your Facebook fan page setup to run ads and not your Facebook personal profile).


…if you’re not getting any sales (yet) then this could be for a number of reason. I’ll share a few reasons (just 3 main big ones) for now with you here.

  1. You did not setup your Facebook ads budget correctly or at the right budget rate (to allow it to run within the right time frame)
  2. You did not target your interest correctly
  3. Your niche is not defined good enough (big one!)


Have you tried this before? Or do you think you’re willing to give this a shot? Please comment below… Would LOVE to hear your feedback.


Got a question(s)? Just ask! Click here to contact me.


PLEASE… Share this info with anyone you believe can benefit from this (using the social sharing icons below). Together we all can truly make a difference. I’ll be looking forward to your feedback below.


If you’ve enjoyed this information I shared and you are serious about building a solid online boutique (fashion) store, the right way, check out The Online Boutique School. It’s my proven step-by-step system where I show you how to start, launch & grow your own store, drive traffic, and make sales all online. Plus you get live weekly group Q&A coaching calls, with me!


I limited access inside The Online Boutique School to just 200 lovely boutique store lucky mama’s.


Click this link HERE: http://theonlineboutiqueschool.com/one-dollar


To your massive online success!




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  • This is awesome information! I’ve been thinking about starting a t shirt business, but the whole inventory thing always holds me back. Thanks for the info!

    • Yaay!! Thanks LaShawn. The BEST part leveraging the power of the internet. We can literally whip up our business with little to no cost to get started =)

  • Great info! I really want to open a boutique someday but don’t have the money to do it right now so this would be a perfect place to start for me!

    • You’re correct… When I first started my online boutique (fashion) store in 2011 I too didn’t have any money for startup. Here are 7 things I personally did when I started my online boutique with no money. You can see this information I wrote here. Thanks for popping on by and thank you =)

  • I’ve started one and prior to that I didn’t know that this was an option. I love that I only need to design and market. They do the rest, they make the process painless and they provide quality customer service.

    • Ahh, that is GOOD Mimi. Now yes, this is totally an option for us. I really love it too. I love how these tools make it super easy for us women/moms to generate revenue. Leveraging the power of the internet will take us far! All we literally need is our computer, some wifi, and a cute eye catchy design from Fiverr.com. The rest will be handled by them and they will ship to the paid customers… We sit back and collect our revenue. GOOD time to make money for Christmas. Yaay!!

  • I admit, I have not looked at the video yet (mom duties). But as soon as I put them down tonight, I’m coming back to check out this video. Janelle, you are amazing and I’m excited to check out this video. I want to make multiple streams of income from blogging and products is definitely one of them.

    I was scared the internet is saturated with t-shirts, that it maybe hard to stand out. But some income is better than none. I think if I can market them correctly, then I can make it work.

    • Aww, hey there LaShonda. That is AWESOME to hear.. Thank you first my dear. Appreciate your kind words. Super passionate about sharing info that works!!

      Adding this to your blog to monetize would be GOOD. Great way to generate passive income. Let me know if you have any questions and BTW, are you inside our private FB group?

  • New to the blog and when I glance at the URL it almost reads like “Heroine”! You are a Heroine for women from all walks of life who want to earn money online.

    I’ve tried the Teespring thing before but got stuck with the Facebook pages and ads. This is probably due to the fact that I used “boost” instead of fully utilizing ads manager.

    And I haven’t used ads in almost a year so I’m pretty sure things are different with all the updates FB is notorious for doing. Going to have to revisit and try selling tees again. It’s almost football season!

    • Ooh hahaha “heroine”.. That’s funny! Oh yes, I’ve heard way to many peeps get stuck with FB ads. If not done correctly, it will totally frustrate us and we’ll end up spending a ton of money. We gotta do it right. Use the feature called interest” which allows you to get super targeted and right inside your competitors face. Boost does nothing.

  • This is really informative, I have never considered doing an online business outside blogging that this is really good.
    Anosa recently posted…{Fashion Monday} Black Hot Pants My Profile

  • Awesome information! I was thinking about custom-making t-shirts one day but it is so costly, when you are looking into a quality brand. I just don’t want to make any old thing. I want them to be authentic. Thanks for sharing!

    • Oh Daria, this would be a GOOD platform for you to start with. Especially not needing anything to purchase upfront (other than your computer, wife, and a logo/design) etc. GO FOR IT! Let me know H.O.W it goes =)

  • Thanks for sharing, Janelle! I’ve started selling on Teespring, but didn’t know about the best way to promote on Facebook. Using target ads is going to help take my shirts to the next level.

    • Hi Tiffani, you’re welcome my dear. Happy to always share… YES!! Use “interest” inside of your FB ads manager. This will help you rock it out.

  • Very interesting idea! I would love to do something like this! I run a few business, but all of them are very small! It would be fun to try this!

  • Thanks for sharing and letting everyone know that it’s not hard to start a line. Even I have one. Let’s all be empowered to sell our own stuff.

  • Great job on this video! I love that you are doing this. Keep up the great work!

  • That would certainly be interesting. Everyone likes to get into business on their own with no startup costs. That would be great for people willing to put in a little work.

    • Exactly Dawn. Thanks to the World Wide Web. Leveraging tools & resources helping people like you and me earn income. Super grateful for the platforms.

  • The tips here could be leveraged into any number of different opportunities, great job.

  • This sounds like such a cool idea. My husband always comes up with great t-shirt ideas. I’ll be sharing this with him.

    • Yes, this is a super cool idea Stephanie. I totally know your hubby will LOVE this creative space. Beauty about is that he does not need to pay for anything!!! Just create & sell.. Oh, and collect (the money off of sales made too) LOL.

  • I just love your energy, Janelle! I’m a big fan of graphic tees and have started collecting them. You shared a lot of great info. I’ve been thinking about putting a couple of my tees on teespring. So thanks for giving me that extra push 🙂

    • Ahh, Hey there my FAVORITE Mama’bear Christine! Thank you hun, super appreciate yah. You make me smile =)

      Get your tees going so you can start generating some passive income (especially since Christmas is right around the corner). Let me know how it goes!!

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