• I definitely agree that what works for some may not necessarily work for others. For me, I’ve never been a “9 to 5” kind of person. Since graduating college two and a half years ago, I’ve been very lucky to have had the opportunity to be able to support myself full time via freelance writing/blogging and various online endeavors. I’ve always had a passion for writing so I’m blessed to be able to make a living out of something I enjoy doing.
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    • Aw, WOW! That is AWESOME to hear Angelic. Such a huge blessing to be able to do what you love and love what you do. Because it does not feel like work (when it’s actually work) LOL. Your position even allows you to travel from anywhere and do freelance writing/blogging with just your laptop =) Now how cool is that. Thanks for sharing this with us and I appreciate your feedback.

  • I love being my own boss and the freedom of being able to work from anywhere. I’ll have to check out that 5-minute journal and I totally agree that we all have to figure out what works best for ourselves. Oh, yeah, and prayer is the key! I couldn’t make it in life without prayer.

    • Aw, Hey there Alli. Yes, I too agree with you. Being your own boss is truly rewarding. Definitely allows one to have freedom. I am a strong believer in just that! Freedom, flexibility, and fulfillment. Once we figure out our purpose and our calling, so much things will start to line up (which makes our entire entrepreneurship journey even sweeter and worth wild. We only live once!! Thank you for passing by! xo.

  • Earning online is really great especially if you’re a mom as well. It definitely requires a lot of effort but it’s possible. I love your determination, without it, you wouldn’t be this successful!

    • Indeed Amanda. Definitely requires lots of hard work, dedication, and a strong commitment in order to thrive as with any other business (endeavors or even working full time we may venture into). Thanks so much!! ❤️

  • Congrats to you and great tips. I firmly agree with the savings goal, it is dangerous to not have a few months accounted for prior.

    • Thank you Michelle =) Oh yes, having a strong savings is a must. This will help ease the stress levels when transitioning from employment to entrepreneurship.

  • This is fantastic! I love hearing of people able to quit their jobs and work for themselves. I’m in the process of setting up my freelance website and hope to achieve this goal of working for myself in the next two years. Then, when my daughter graduates college, I plan to work from the road while traveling. The scary part for me is that I am a single mom. My income is it. If I could up and quit now? I would. But, alas, adulting comes into play and I must be responsible 🙂

    • Oh that is an AWESOME goal to have Jacqui. I definitely have plans to travel and work too. But I too will have to wait until kids are big and out the house =( I have a long way to go! LOL. Thanks for popping on by. Appreciate your feedback lots.

  • I am trying it out myself. Being your own boss has its benefits and it also has its cons. I love doing it but if I don’t work I don’t get paid and sometimes that can suck, but being my own boss far outweighs that.

    • Aw, that is sooo good to hear Jeanette. Totally have it’s benefits and I will be the first to admit, it’s also not easy. Takes lots of planning and a serious strong commitment. But with the right mindset and right plan in action you will be just fine as well =)

  • I love working from home and being my own boss. Of course there are downsides too, but being home for my kids is the best.

  • You gave some really good tips! I agree with having a plan and at least having 6 months to a year of savings put away so that you know your household is taken care of and for sickness.

    • Hi Dee, aww.. Thanks lovely! Yup! That is totally important. We will need to have that in place before we jump out the building. We need some sort of parachute on us for protection. 🙂

  • Go you! Working for yourself and working from home is the most amazing thing (I do it too!). Prayer is #1, and has helped me so much!

  • Amazing post, and so true! I really admire that you did that, this post is so helpful for those who wish to start in the digital world. Thanks for sharing!

  • This is really great, I am glad you were able to reach success and work for yourself! Keep on sharing!

  • Learning how to make an income online as an entrepreneur is awesome! Congratulations to all your successes and thanks for sharing.

  • Writing a daily journal is something that I am doing this eyear and I am happy that I do it everyday without fail. O love to be an entrepreneur and you are right, it needs a lot of planning, saving, praying and what not.

  • Great post. Working a 9-5 was never one of my goals. I’ve always wanted to own my own business.

  • This is inspiring to read and watch. I completely believe in praying about it first because you should know in your heart of heart that the next step is God ordained.

  • Well glad to know were the same, girl!

  • Wow! Awesome story and very inspiring. I love reading experiences of other people cause it gives more ideas for my next blog post. Thanks for sharing

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