10 Things Moms Can Do From Home to Start Profiting Online After Losing Their Job

10 Things Moms Can Do From Home after Losing Their Jobs


I have been in communication lately with LOTS of moms who were working day jobs and lost their jobs due to company budget cuts, layoffs, resignation, or just life period. It gets in the way.


So as you know, in my eyes, now this would be a perfect time to launch their own gig. Whether it’s full time part time, or any time they feel like, thanks to the good ole’ internet which makes profiting online from home or on the side very much possible.




…with so much info out here online moms can and will get overloaded, lost, overwhelmed, and moms will not even know where to start successfully. So I tried to make this list as easy to follow as possible to follow and take action.


So here are 10 things women working by day and moms can do from home (to start profiting online) after losing their full time job


1. Blog – Why not start a blog? You can blog about anything!!! There are no rules to blogging. Blog about your experiences, businesses, lifestyle, hobbies, interest, or even blog about your passion.


Once you have at least 20-30 pieces of content successfully setup on your blog then you can apply for Google AdSense and monetize your blog to start generating revenue from Google. This will at first, start off with just pennies. But the more you blog, the more your earnings will increase significantly. Bottom line is that if you have something to say…? Then get a blog!


READ: ‘7 Steps in Using The Right Website Platform (And Makes You Money) – for Beginners’


Many opportunities will open up for you (once you start blogging for profits). You can sell advertising space on your site, monetize, affiliate marketing (read more below about this), and so much more.


2. Affiliate Marketing – You can also use your blog and generate passive income streams. Monetize your blog with affiliate links and offers. I am sure there are tons of products and services you can honestly recommend as well as share with others to give a try? What better way to let others know about your experience by sharing it and using your affiliate link (so you can gain credit) for the referral / sales or purchase? Affiliate marketing I must admit is one of my favorites by far.


I continue to get paid passive income all from affiliate marketing. I love this because I do not have to chase friends and family members, I don’t have to do hotel meetings, no cold calling, no recruiting, and best I don’t have to do any home parties. I mean, I am a busy maama’bear of two and wife. WHO GOT TIME FOR THAT??? LOL


I use my blog, affiliates, and I am able to generate passive income from the internet. GREAT way for moms to start part time and it’s very lucrative too. HOWEVER!!! There is a method and strategy behind this. Yah gotta do this right! Otherwise you’ll be slaving away not making a dime. This will equal burnouts and overwhelm if it’s not done correctly.


Side note: You will want to make sure first you’re using the right website platform BEFORE you attempt to monetize anything. Or even getting approve with any affiliate networks. Make sure you own your site (meaning you’re using a self hosted platform).


how-to-become-a-virtual-assistant3. Virtual Assistant (VA) – what can you do right now to assist someone else in business? Can you take phone calls? Set appointments? Handle scheduling task inside calendars? Sounds pretty simple right? Well believe me it is.


Become a virtual assistant and start helping others who are in need of what you have to offer. Be sure to do lots of homework and tons of research on what you will need to do to get your VA businesses up and going successful online.


You can learn more about Lisa’s course. She makes $45 hourly working as a VA from home.


4. Social Media Management (or Social Media Manager): Few years ago I was a full time social media manager and I managed over 14 clients all from across the world. These clients were from UK, USA, Kenya, and Australia. There are lots of online and offline businesses that needs help with their online presence and managing their social media profiles.


How to become one? First it starts with research. Set up a blog, and start providing massive value within the social media world. Sharing tips, tools, and tactics. Bottom line you will want to position yourself as that go to expert / authority figure in this niche and filed.


You can actually view listings here of any current social media jobs which are hiring and apply.


5. Open an Online Fashion Boutique Store – You can either launch your own store or join one through direct sales. Lately I have been seeing lots of direct sales opening up FREE options to start and build your own online (fashion/clothing) store. Ranging from clothing, jewelry, handbags, or even home accessories boutique. You can make commission anywhere from 20% etc.


My primary business is World of Little Fashion. It’s a clothing line for little people — adult women with dwarfism. I use Shopify and it’s just best to use a Ecommerce shopping cart which helps scale up your store much better than using a WordPress.org site. (But if your business is outside of retail then yes roll with WordPress.org a self-hosted platform).

janelle mcleod boutique store2

photo credit: Janelle McLeod


READ: ‘Running A Fashion Business Online {Or Any Product} And How to Be Seen’


When I first had my boutique store I started to promote it online using Social Media. Had outstanding success with my online store. So this can be a super cool start that moms can do from home when it comes to profiting online quickly. Not to mention, extremely fun too. Learn how you can start and grow your own successful online store in this up coming FREE training!


6. Join Direct Sales – This is somewhat like affiliate marketing but the difference with direct sales is that you will have to pay up front first and or join a team to start promoting products and related services. Build a team (MLM).


There are tons of FREE companies moms can do from home to start profiting in partnering with and some moms will have to pay a start up fee for a package in order to join and get started. Over at The Work At Home Woman has a GREAT list and resource to view on the free direct sales companies to start out with.


You can visit The Work At Home Woman blog and see this list of FREE online fashion boutique stores you can join and get started immediately. There are 5 boutiques listed.


7. Drop shipping – I do drop shipping every single morning. And I have a daily goal of only listing 10 items tops. Once I make a sale from eBay then I quickly head over to the company where the product is being sold from and get the item dropped shipped. A lot of online businesses is offering this. Even Walmart, Amazon,  and Target, offer drop shipping on their site and this is just to name a few.


Did you know that eBay has been around doing extremely well since 1995? There is a reason for this! You can sell almost anything on eBay as long as it’s legit. I have sold TONS of stuff on eBay such as toys, clothing, machines, and I do drop shipping with eBay as well. Sky is truly the limit.


I learned how to drop ship using ecommerce sites though by taking a program called ‘Drop Shipping Lifestyle’ taught by Anton. Moms can open their own online boutique store and drop ship this way as well. Drop shipping allows you the ability to sell items without having to stock inventory at all. Just copy and paste from once resource to the next. Start generating profits right inside your bank accounts =)


8. eBooks: Selling eBooks is such a super fun and rewarding experiece for me. Lots ofmoms-can-do-from-home-to-start-profiting-online-ebookself-big people think you have to write your own eBooks then learn how to sell them. Oh no! Again, thanks to the world wide web the possibilities of selling eBooks are endless.


(Here’s my secret. I don’t write any of my eBooks. I get them already writen for me. I purchase them from a PLR store, tweak it a bit to fit my brand, then I sell them online using clickbank. Perfectly legal).


Because the eBooks are coming from a PLR store which stands for Private Label Rights where you have the “right” to purchase licensed products and resell them at any cost. And this is the same thing I learned here form the humble single mom who’s made more than $268k on Clickbank, in just a few short years.


Her name is Karon. She’s the author of Ebook Self-Publishing Secrets. Showing how moms can make $3k-$5k extra monthly working from home just selling eBooks.


9. Fiverr – If you have absolutely any types of special skill or talent you can set up your account on Fiverr for $5.00. I personally use Fiverr every single month to outsource various projects for my online world (websites, graphics, fixing my site, and the list goes on). Just imagine, you and your own skill on Fiverr too? Open up a gig and start making money online ASAP with Fiverr.


10. West At Home – If you are wanting to work from home as a part time employee? West At Home is a customer service from home call center where reps are taking inbound calls. Gotta have a land line, internet, and headset to start taking calls. You can set your schedule and shifts. I did this job a few years ago shortly after having my first daughter.


Lots of info here! I encourage you to save or bookmark this post and use as your reference guide later.


These things I have listed here is what I have personally done myself, still do, and currently generate passive income from the internet. So if you have any questions, fire away!


Do you work from home? Can you share some ways on what moms can do from home to start profiting online as well? Just please comment below… Would LOVE to know!


To your online success,

janelle do what i love what i do



P.S. If you enjoyed this info please share these resources using the social sharing icons below with anyone you believe can benefit from this. Together we call can truly make a difference.

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  • This is a great list. Thanks for sharing.

  • I did two companies last month for social media management and I am tapping into the VA assistant role too. I need to get more gigs but I don’t want to be to overwhelmed so I try not to take on too much. Great list and believe me the first thing I did when I got laid off is start a blog it has been a blessing.

    • Heya Kita!!

      Yes, taking it one step at a time is always best in order to avoid burntouts and being overwhelmed. Whenever I take on any clients I always just take a limit monthly of only 3 clients. This just works best. I will not take on 2 or 4. 3 is my magic monthly number LOL.

      Thanks for sharing your experience with us. It was GREAT!!


  • Wow. I actually had no clue there were so many opportunities available for stay at home mom’s online! This is awesome – especially the do your own boutique! I have so many ideas for that!!

    • Yes Madaline,

      The possibilities are endless. It’s just that with the web it’s soooo much info that moms can get overloaded which will = lost and confused with direction on how to or where to start!!

      So here my goal is to just put out some of the greatest things right now that will help moms ROCK their bank accounts and avoid the clutter.

  • Hey Janelle, thanks for sharing this blog post. You offer some great ideas that Moms can do from home to earn extra income.

    • Hey there Jason,

      What’s up there guy? Oh you’re super welcome and thanks for passing over. Totally appreciate your support from a “dude” ha!

  • Very good info. I like seen so many stuff like you said we get overloaded. Dumb stuff like “freelance writing”. I mean I want to know what is working NOW and what others are doing that works. U laid out good stuff. Drop shipping I will definitely give a try and the eBooks sounds very good.

  • Currently I’m making a full time income with affiliate marketing! Woot Woot! And now I’m tapping into ebooks as well. I love making money from home!

    • Well alrighty then Louida!! AWESOME SAUCE!! Ha! Making full time money (working just part time) doing affiliate marketing is the BEST!! YES!!! I can also share honestly, selling eBooks is very very lucrative as well. This will totally add to your bottom line. Definitely encourage you to learn more about Karon’s course. This is what I did which helps me to make $292+ EXTRA!!!…all online via eBooks… SWEET!! Also, you can leverage PLR eBooks as well. That’s what I do too.

      Thanks for popping on by! Happy to hear and know you’re tapping into eBooks now =)

  • Great content for sure, I will be sharing this information with several. I also got some jewels for myself.

  • Great list! Not even just for moms, but people in general. I too am walking away with some things in the forefront of my mind. I appreciate it!

  • Never heard of PLR store, will certainly be exploring more about this, thanks

    • Hey Julie,
      Oh PLR is a GREAT way to get ahead of the curve. It’s all about leveraging pre-written content and resources which helps you grow online with your business or blog (as wel as helping you to generate passive income streams) but in the right way!!.

      You’re welcome to send me an email and I will show you a very very and very private brief training. Kind of like a quick look run down on how this works.

      So contact me whenever your have an opportunity.

      Looking forward to helping yah out!!


  • loved, loved, loved this! Shared with my peeps! Not just for stay at home moms…for anyone wanting to supplement their income!!!!

    • Heya Mama Char,

      Yay!! Thanks hun. Happy to hear you enoyed. And super thanks for sharing this as well. Totally appreciate yah lots!!


  • Great list! You’re absolutely right about how overwhelming it can feel when you want to work from home, but not sure what you can do or how to start.

    • INDEED!!!

      That’s the worst thing to experience every. So I love being able to share info to at least help smooth the pain some what =)

      Thanks hun, appreciate your support.


  • I’m not a mom but this is such a great list for anyone that wants to work at home.


  • Janelle, you shared great resources for women to make money from home. I will for sure share this info with my friends and I’ll use it as a reference for me too. Thanks!

  • This is such a GREAT resource Janelle! I’ll be sharing with my community of moms everywhere! Thanks so much!

  • Great post Janelle. And what a wonderful resource. The great part is you’re speaking from experience and not something you read.

    • Hey there Dan,

      Thanks so much guy!! Yes, totally passionate about sharing info that I have personal experience with. Makes the decision making and process so much easier when helping moms with taking directions profiting online — from home.

      I appreciate your support and thank you for popping on by Her Online World.

  • Oooh! Juicy list! Now I’ve got a bajillion tabs open and lots of research to do. I’d love to open an online boutique. Thanks so much for the information and inspiration 🙂

    • LOL! Yes, GOOD STUFF T.Espinoza!!

      LOL Happy to hear you are enjoying this list. Opening an online boutique would be a FAB idea and I highly encourage you start off with Shopify (for any online retail store) vs. WordPress.org. So you’re welcome to send me an email and I will share a brief over video with you just a tiny glimpse helping you why =)

      Thanks for popping on over. Super appreciate your feedback.


  • these are all fabulous ideas for moms to make a living off the internet. I wish I had this guide when I had my first child.

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