[VIDEO] CASE STUDY: Helping You Define Your Niche and Get Specific Starting Your Online Boutique Store

While I am still working on a full time contract assignment right now at the hospital, I’m off today, Saturday.


I typically spend my weekends of course with kids and husband, but I will still carve out 2 hours time for my online space, to work.


I was browsing few minutes ago and I seen this PERFECT product I wanted to share with you. It’s showing you how to define your niche.


It’s a REAL LIFE CASE STUDY example that you must see!


But before I share it with you, I wanted to say that most people get started with their online store or even just inside the online space period and tend to get a bit overwhelmed.


They feel lost, confused, and frustrated. Causing them to be all over the place and space.


One of the major reasons for this is because people often times are not crystal clear on who they are targeting.


People get started with their store or business on the internet and tend to say “Oh my business/store is for everyone!”


Well, again, I’m here to keep this 100% real with you and say…. NO!


No, your store / business is NOT for everyone.

  • You have to get crystal clear on who it is you are targeting.
  • Who is your audience? Ideal customer avatar?
  • You have to niche this down and be super specific in this arena.


Another reason is that people tend to get scared because “Oh, there is just to much competition”.


Wait… WHAT?!?!


Are you kidding me???


No…no…my dear… There is NO such thing as “to much competition”. It’s all about standing out from the crowd and just being unique.


This is niche!


What will you do different with your product / services that your competition is not doing? Get a sheet of paper and start brainstorming this stuff out. 


There are hundreds of different kinds of burger restaurants. What makes them different from the big time chain called McDonald’s?


This is how you will crush it. And in this video I spelled out the Number-1 thing this online store is doing that most other stores are not willing to do!


See what I’m talking about.. I created a quick tutorial video and I uploaded this case study finding for you…. (below) PRESS PLAY!


So there is no such thing as “to much competition”. Because my friend, there is enough around for all of us to make. BELIEVE THAT! CLAIM THIS!


I look forward to your feedback on this quick video case study revealed to you and please let me know your thoughts, advice, insights, or opinion below.


I would LOVE to hear from you!


To your massive online success,



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